Resources for Studying the Disciple’s Prayer (Matthew 6 and Luke 11)

This Sunday morning we are beginning a series of discussions around the Disciple’s Prayer in Matt. 6-913 and Luke 11:1-4. The Our Father (Catholic) or Lord’s Prayer (Protestant) is also known among Quakers, and Anabaptists as the Disciple’s prayer, that is, it is the disciples who should be praying this prayer, and this one of the key points I will be stressing. The Disciple’s prayer, is a prayer of discipleship, it is meant to form us, both in the kinds of things we pray for (and the language that gets used) as well as the very way we live out those prayers. The prayer is something that I have deeply loved for a number of years and use daily in my own spiritual formation, so I really look forward to doing this. As many of you long-time Gathering In Light readers will know, it’s also something I’ve written on a lot.

Here’s a list of books ((Disclaimer – All links above include affiliate links to Powell’s, if you purchase a book at book after following a link of mine I received a small percentage of the sale. The money goes towards upkeep of the site and of course more books.)) I’m working with during the series, some explicitly deal with the prayer, others mention it, and others simply give background. I have placed stars by the ones that have been influential for my thinking up to this point on the subject.

Book List for The Lord’s Prayer

Elton Trueblood – The Lord’s Prayers

James William McClendon Jr.

  • Systematic Theology Volume 1: Ethics
  • Systematic Theology Volume 2: Doctrine*

James Mulholland – Praying Like Jesus

Stanely Hauerwas and William Willimon – Lord, Teach Us: The Lord’s Prayer and the Christian Life

NT Wright – The Lord and His Prayer

W. D. Davies – International Commentary on Matthew 1-7

Dallas Willard – The Divine Conspiracy*

Gerhard Lohfink – Jesus And Community*

Glen Stassen and David Gushee – Kingdom Ethics

John Howard Yoder – The Politics of Jesus

Joel Green – Commentary on Luke*

Do you have any favorites?