Reader Poll: How Would Non-USA Voters Vote?


Last week I announced who I’m supporting in the presidential race, and while my endorsement obviously didn’t help California, it felt good to bring politics into the subject here. And in keeping with the idea of “gathering” together for common discourse on this site I have question for all you readers who live United States.

  • Who would you vote for in this election?
  • And/or what are your thoughts on the elections?

Why should we care? Well, I think we should value your opinion. Last summer when I had the privilege of living in the UK for 3 months I discovered that just about everyone I met over there knew what was going on in American news (and sometimes better than we Americans!). But beyond whether I think your opinion is informed or not, I think your opinion matters because, for better or worse, American policy has major impact across the globe. With great interest then I welcome your voting choices, thoughts and opinions on the matter.