Queries on The Lord's Prayer

This Sunday I am leading a discussion on the Lord’s Prayer, basically covering what I’ve been writting about here for the past month or so. In preparing I decided to create a few Queries to help begin the discussion on Prayer and mission.

Here are those queries:

a. When has prayer led you to live differently?

b. How can the simple prayers of your heart reflect God’s redeeming power in your life?

c. What are the values you wish to see represented in the life of the church?  Do these reflect the desires of the Lord?

d. When do you feel your prayers are most effective?

e. Will you allow the Lord’s Prayer to form you spiritually and missionally?  What would it look like if your life was guided by this prayer?

If there are ones that minister to you specifically, or if you feel led to share one of your own please feel free to do so.

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