Queries for Grounding Our Work in Place

I have been thinking a lot more about place, context and community that has been usual for me. I have blogged about this already a couple times (escapism and goals). But there are some queries I have been thinking about for awhile and that I have stuck to my computer screen that I thought worth sharing.

  1. What is my “work” today? This is work in the sort of existential way, what or who is it that I need to be fully present to?
  2. How can I be more unbusy and available to others and the Spirit?
  3. What is the important thing right in front of me?
  4. How should I order this day?
  5. Who needs to be heard today today? And what needs to be voiced today?
  6. What can I do with a phone call or a visit that I cannot do with an email?
  7. Is there a way that I can do this in a slower and more careful way?

So this is some of what I am thinking through and reflecting on in hopes that they may help me with my goals for this coming 2011.