Quakers Twitter Politics During the Debate

Just a short announcement: I suggested to my friend Martin Kelley that the online Quaker community (QuakerQuaker) should team up and discuss the presidential debate live over twitter this evening. Kind of like a worldwide, church-wide, discussion on politics in real-time.  Martin asked others what they thought about the prospect of doing something like this, and given the comments we’ve decided to go ahead with the plan. I think this has the potential to challenge Friends to listen to the debate not just with citizen’s ears, but with the ears of disciples. Not only this, but it will be the first time I’ve really had an opportunity to discuss politics on such a broad level with other Quakers in this way. If you’re on twitter and want to join the Quaker conversation tag your tweets with #qqtalk (for those of you not on twitter but interested in see what transpires follow the previous qq link). My twitter name is cwdaniels.

If you’re not a Quaker but like the idea I encourage you to create a tag and invite your faith community to join in with a discussion over the debate.

(The only ground rules Martin suggested, and which I agree with, is to keep the #qqtalk tag off snarky comments, unless for some reason it’s related.)