Quaker Friends and Readers Voting Poll

I am putting together an article for The Friend reflecting on the presidential election for our British brothers and sisters. The point of the article is to reflect on the election from my standpoint as a Quaker, Evangelical and American. To that end I am interested in how other American Quakers (from all our groups) voted and am conducting a very informal poll on three questions: what Quaker group do you associate with, who you voted for, and what are four main issues that are important to you (see below for embedded form).

I would really appreciate all your involvement, but only Quakers please! Your names are not required, and will be kept completely confidential if you do post them. I will use the polling results for my article (and later post them here) to get a very crude estimate of where Quakers are at on the vote. The poll

will end on the morning of

has been extended to Monday evening November 10th. Thanks for helping out!

The poll has ended. Thank you to all who took the time and filled out the survey! We had 179 people respond. Watch the frontpage of gatheringinlight.com because I’ll be posting the data later this week.

EDIT #2:

The polling data is complete and has been posted here. Please pass it around to people who you know took the survey.