Quaker project

I have written 7 pages of my Quaker project.  I have started it today and am now taking a quick break.
The entire introduction takes up all I have written so far, but I guess for a 70 page paper an Introduction can be 7 pages…right?

here is the intro paragraph.

The Terrible danger of our time consist in the fact tat ours is a cut-flower civilization.  Beautiful as cut flowers ma be, and much as we use our ingenuity to keep them look fresh for a while, they eventually die.  And they die because they are severed from their sustaining roots.
Elton Trueblood 20th Century Quaker

This is a story about the modern world, its growing pangs, failures and its achievements.  This story has been told many times and in many ways, but there is one group of people that have for the most part been overlooked as an important part of this story, these people are called Quakers, sometimes known more favorably as “The Society of Friends.”  The Friends movement began in the 1640’s and was birthed out of the honest seeking for genuine Christian faith and its expressions, in the 19th century the movement was crippled by multiple divisions and dissension over questions of ecclesiology, methodology and identity and today the Friends find themselves standing on the brink of extinction or renewal.  The emerging church and post-modern theology offer paradigms that reach to the very heart of Quakerism, if we discover how to re-envision the tradition, using these discoveries (and age-old reminders) we will survive this post-modern shift, if we do not Quakerism will become nothing more than a historical reference.

Any comments?