Preparatory Materials for Quaker Heritage Day (Part 1)

Heralding The New Creation: Mission as Participation in the Quaker Tradition
Quaker Heritage Day: Berkeley Friends Church
February 12, 2011

Here are some quotes, Scripture, and Queries for personal preparation for our gathering together at Quaker Heritage Day. I may add more to this (thus the part 1) but I may not. I don’t want to overload people before you get here. Hopefully what is below will give a nice introduction to some of the broad themes we’re addressing.

Quote from James McClendon:

The old parlor stereopticon set two pictures before the viewer, who would then see the depth dimension in otherwise flat photographs. Authentic Christian faith is prophetic faith; it sees the present in correct perspective only when it construes the present by means of the prefiguring past (God’s past) while at the same time construing it by means of the prophetic future (God’s future). “This is that” declares the present relevance of what God has previously done, while “then is now” does not abolish the future but declares the present relevance of what God will assuredly do. Moreover, these two, typical past and prophetic future, are not alternative visions between which to choose; they are and must remain one vision, one faith, and hope. (McClendon, Doctrine: 69)

How might McClendon’s words here help inform our own, Quakerly, interaction between our faith tradition and today’s context? What questions arise from this reflection that might need to be addressed if we were to move forward? How does renewal play into what is mentioned above?

Scripture Reflecting on Mission in the Gospel Accounts:

Luke 9, 10
Luke 4
Matt 5-7
John 1

John 14
John 20-21
Matt 28

Queries for reflection:

  • What are the ways you’ve understood and experienced “mission?”
  • Do you think the church has a mission? What is it?
  • What unique ways do Quakers practice mission?
  • What kind of contexts are we swimming in? How have things changed that we could do better to adjust to as Friends?
  • How might mission be part and parcel of a renewal movement among Friends?