coming out of the muck

out of the muck

im getting through.  things are looking good today.  I am coming back, up the long hall, still swinging, still crawling along.  i am like S. Weaver in Aliens, or Arnold in terminator.  Well not really, but it fun to sound tough.  Actually things are on the up and up, i am feeling better than i have in weeks, and i am looking forward to a restful weekend.  God is delivering me.  I am assessing what needs to be done by the end of the quarter and planning my attack.  The rough cut went over well yesterday.  we have a lot of work but i think this is the fun part.  its all the stylizing that i like to do, working with colors, music, titles, transitions, effects.

I also have two big papers, a 20 pager and a 10 pager.  I will rock them, once i figure out what they are going to be on.  THough for one i think i am going to write on this idea i have had for a while – the Lord’s pray as a mission statement.  What if a church’s mission statement was to live out the Lord’s prayer, what would that look like, sound like, feel like, etc.  So i am excited about that prospect and for the 20 pager i am going to come up with something really cool because it is an OT assignment with a really cool prof.