on our way back home

Tomorrow morning at about 6:30 our good friend, Emily Page is taking us to the Burbank airport (heaven compared to LA international airport) to fly back to the good ol state of Ohio.

Heading back home is always a double-edged sword for me.  As most normal people I love to go back to the place where memories stretch back further than 2 years.  Where families dwell, old friends, and the streets are as familiar as a loved one’s voice.  I look forward to hanging with my siblings, seeing my mom and Roger (her fiance) – as well as spending time with Emily’s family.  Then I will hopefully see a couple friends, though our time is short this time around.  I guess this is part of the other-side of the story.  Because we are only able to go home at most two times a year, we have such a busy time spent trying to see everyone and feeling like we saw no one.  It makes  it hard to return home each time, because we feel those important relationships becoming thinner and thinner and we wish that they could be different.

I remember when we first moved here to LA, that we had those high hopes of keeping in touch with everyone, everyone friend and family member with no exception.  Over the last two and a half years we’ve found how serious those sentiments were, but how impossible they really are.

For these reasons, and many more, we hope that we end up in or near ohio in the next few years – to begin a family, let our roots down and live out our theology with a community of Christ followers.  And so, as we are “on our way back home” I think about family and friends – and how without them we are out of context.  I think about all our favorite places, our those memories, along with all those troubles and quirks that make home, truly home “were everybody knows my name.”

For now I am happy to be traveling this road we’ve come down, but we keep looking back to the home we’ve left behind and looking ahead to the one we’re headed towards.

I’m out here a thousand miles from my home,
Walkin’ a road other men have gone down.
I’m seein’ your world of people and things,
Your paupers and peasants and princes and kings.
~Bob Dylan

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