New Version of Pukka Announced For Delicious


I use Pukka non-stop throughout the day as I do reading and research on the web.  It’s a super fast way for me to bookmark, and tag webpages to my delicious account. Today, a new version of Pukka was released.  It’s really worth the $5 if you’re a student doing a lot of web-based research (with a mac) and so I thought I’d point out to all of you in a similar line of work.

Probably the coolest new feature is that it can edit old delicious posts.

Justin the creator of Pukka says,

“I’ve put a lot of work into this version and it features some popularly-requested features as well as some brand new ideas. First and foremost, Pukka knows every link you’ve posted, across every account, and will notify you when you start to edit a post for a page you’ve already bookmarked.

You’re now given the original post date along with the option to cancel, continue editing as new and overwriting the old post, or populating Pukka’s editing form with the old post for review or refinement. Trust me, this is a huge improvement to the posting workflow!”

Go – Check it out.