My Year in Photos (2012)

Instead of writing up a lengthy overview of my last year, I decided to work through my flickr account – something I update regularly – and pull out photos that remind me of last year. Here are some of my favorite memories and photos from the last 12 months. (Maybe next time I’ll make a limit for the amount of photos I can post, but not only was it hard to decide, I literally just had so much fun going through them all that it was hard to stop!)

The Daniels Family 5

Baby #3!


M. exploring with her bug box


@Seabeck – I travelled north to teach a session for the Way of The Spirit Quaker retreat.


L & M got New Bunk Beds in 2012

Getting a new bunk bed!

Outdoor Exploration with Wally


M. @ the Playground


I taught my first class at George Fox Seminary – Culture and Systems Change (and had some help from friends)

My Class at Fox

The Artist at the Theater – A rare moment at the theater with my wife

Watching 'The Artist' at the Liberty.

One of the most important books I read last year was “Pedagogy of the Poor” by Willie Baptist and Jan Rehman. I had the privilege of meeting Willie (pictured below) and his traveling companion John Wessel-McCoy when they visited Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Vancouver, WA. They were out here to do work for the poverty initiative and I was happy to participate in a workshop they did and a Clark County “reality tour.”

Pedagogy of the Poor. A new book that just came in the mail! Can't wait to read it!
Willie Baptist at Good Shepherd

This past year one of the things I have enjoyed is roasting my own coffee.

Coffee gear
Emily knit my French press a fancy outfit.

Scenes out my office door


Laundry Love with my buddy Lloyd

Laundry Love with Lloyd and some other Friends from the church.

Church at Burgerville

Crashing burgerville

One of the things I was involved in this past year was advocating for a Fred Myers’ worker who had lost her job after standing up to management because of their unethical practices.

Action at fred myers

L & M had tons of imaginative play

Ships Ahoy
Above Ground Pool
2012-12-22 19.29.31

Our new family vehicle the “Golden Egg”

The Golden Egg!!!

Modeling Handmade Apron’s from a friend


Road Trip to Beach

Family Road Trip
Beach House
The Miller Daniels Family
Beach Yoga (Downward Dog)

One of L’s favorite tasks of 2012

Big Girl!

In the spring I had the opportunity to preach at Freedom Friends Church in Salem Oregon. A Quaker community there filled with many of my good friends and people I care about. L came as my traveling companion.


This is another one of those books that I read last year (well, read most of) that has, as Dylan says, “changed my way of thinking.”

Best book cover ever! :-7 (fortunately, we dont judge books by their covers)

New Friends


2012 was the year of God Pub. I don’t actually remember when we started God Pub, but it continued on for a year. Shelly F. and I continue to organize the group and are always pleasantly surprised by those who participate in the group. Last year Shelly and I were even interviewed from a church publication — but I don’t know if that was ever published or not?

God Pub

Near the meetinghouse there is a hill where Camas Lilies come into bloom at, I got to go walk through a field of them. It was lovely.

Camas Lily's Are Blooming

My buddy Tad taught me how to brew my first batch of beer this last year.

Learning how to brew beer today
Grains for Mocha Porter
Tad's Beer Making Setup

Three of my favorite people.

Three of the Coolest People I Know

M loves her moon-light for bedtime reading

Ready by Starlight

More of L’s work this year: Headstand

L's New Yoga Tricks

#3 Arrives – CW Miller Daniels was born on May 31, 2012.

Our new addition to the Miller Daniels family is here! He is 8.9 lbs and 21.5 inches. Momma and baby are doing well and happy.

Super-excited Sisters

Sisters Meeting Their "Baby"
M and Brother

Dad and C.

C. and W.

Shelly F. does a baby blessing for CW at the hospital.

Shelly Visits Baby

C. Meets Church Family

C meets his church family

One Week

Week 1

Happy Daddy

Dad and Baby

Our dear friend Pat W. shares her story shortly before she moves to NH. Pat’s moving was a big loss for our community and for me. She was a wonderful friend and mentor and really impacted my life in the short amount of time I knew her. She is missed.

Pat Wallace Shares

M is excited to be on her way for her first official haircut at the salon. Something to help put some attention of the girls with a new brother in the house and all.

Excited For Hair Cuts!
Getting Bangs Done

A visit from our friend’s band – Seth Martin and the Menders graced us a couple of times this past year. We love to have Seth visit our meeting.

Seth Martin and the Menders at Camas Friends

Pre-school graduation

Last Day of Preschool

The three

M with Camera

In the fall we had some good berry and pear picking.

Eating the goods

Sunshine M.






Another one of my favorite reads from 2012.

Loving Epstein's "Ballad of Bob Dylan." Also note my sweet cut-offs...

End of summer Family Vacation to one of our favorite spots on the Washington coast.

Packed for family vacation

Young Yogi

Young Yoggi

Reading the Paper together

Daddy and C

I had the opportunity to have a month for writing my dissertation. I am thankful to St. Anne’s and the Cole’s for allowing me to use their spaces for writing.

All packed up and ready to move out of my first week's office. It was a good and productive week. One more chapter is written.
This week's workspace @ St. Anne's Episcopal Church in Washougal
Study spot week #2

Beside fermenting sauerkraut we began making pickles this past year.

Just packed our first batch of home-fermemted pickles

Last year we instituted the Saturday night date night. We put the kids to bed a little early, we make dinner for ourselves and eat by candlelight (and hope the kids stay in bed!). This is one of our dinners – probably my favorite. It includes home-pickled tomatoes from my mom — shipped from Ohio — and our own dried tomatoes and fermented cabbage and pickles. Replicating this plate would not be easy to do.

Pickle plate dinner

Grandparent’s Visit


Camas Friends Church 75th Anniversary – Becky Ankeny Speaking

Becky Ankeny Speaking at the Camas Friends Anniversary Celebration


Deer Shirt

My Mom visits

Grandma Jo arrives!
M grabbing a short nap on grandma.

Brunch with my good buddy, professor and mentor Ben Pink Dandelion on his annual trip to Portland from Birmingham UK.


Halloween Carving

L's drawing Carved into a Pumpkin

Thanksgiving Dinner Breakfast

Thanksgiving Dinner/Breakfast

Christmas Tree Hunting

Thumbs (or fingers) Up to this one!

Bible and Sex 2 with Aaron S.

Bible / Sex take 2

Birthdays – We celebrated birthday #34, 32, 5 and 3 this fall.


Preparing for a new year of teaching and ministry

Working on my Syllabus for @gfes

Car Crash

Old Friend

Mom and Baby

Emily and C