My Very Own WordPress Favicon!

So I've been meaning to for sometime figure out this whole favicon thing – and today I had a little bit of time and had a breakthrough (a more meaningful thing to breakthrough would have been better but I'll take what I can get).   After looking for how to make a favicon for wordpress on a mac, I found these helpful sites.

Steve Cooley has a great write up on how to do as does  The only problem with steve cooley's instructions is that the program he wants you to download icomaker 1.1 seems to not be available anymore, I even checked (an indespensible mac site) and it didn't have it either.  But that wasn't a problem, I found the html-kit site that had this fancy favicon generator.  After my sister Catrina (an art student at Findlay College) was kind enough to create a lamp post image using adobe illustrator for me and all I had to do was upload that .jpeg to the generator, drop the new file in my server's public root (once I emailed patrick I knew this), add the one string of code and bam!  favicon city.   Though I may change it many times until I find the perfect one, kind of like my unending search for the best site layout, I am really pleased to be on the map!update: 4.12.06 Thought I loved Catrina's design I decided to go with the group.png that you now see to capture the "gathering" part of my own blog's name.  The icon is provided free from the great famfamfam icon factory. His icons are not only brilliant for inside webpages but they also make great favicons. tags technorati :

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