Looking for Privacy Focused Blogging Platforms

Looking for Privacy Focused Blogging Platforms
Photo by Tobias Tullius / Unsplash

My beloved WordPress is becoming more and more corporate and finding more and more ways to tie data-tracking and AI into their product. I’ve used the self-hosted WordPress install for most of my blog’s existence, but even this version of the platform is showing signs of data-mining, namely the many ways “Jetpack” is interwoven into all of the product.

I am on the look out for a new blogging platform that will not mine data, doesn’t cost a fortune, and is focused on privacy and publishing, rather than making money for the software company.

Some features I want:

  • Ability to control all data/tracking, etc.
  • Ability to import 20 years worth of writing from this website
  • Integration into the fediverse / activitypub is a major plus
  • Ability to create a (paid) newsletter is a plus
  • Custom domains
  • Customize themes
  • Lightweight, fast
  • Focus on writing

Some I like so far:

I’ll update the list as I find more.

I am not sure if I’ll move off WordPress, but in the meantime, I tried deactivating the Jetpack plugin. It made a huge difference in terms of how responsive the site was and I liked that there was no longer data sharing to automattic, the company behind WordPress. However, there are no basic stats, no way to email subscribers, and a few other pro-features that I find necessary to keep the blog running. This is a sign to me of where this is all headed. You shouldn’t lose basic functionality if you don’t want your information tracked.