Karl Barth and the Mystery of God the Creator

What the meaning of God the Creator is and what is involved in the work of creation, is itself not less hidden from us men [

] than everything else that is contained in the Confession. We are not nearer to believing in God the Creator, than we are to believing that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. It is not the case that the truth about God the Creator is directly accessible to us and that only the truth of the second article needs a revelation. But in the same sense in both cases we are faced with the mystery of God and His work. For the Confession does not speak of the world, or at all events it does so only incidentally, when it speaks of heaven and earth. It does not say, I believe in the created world, nor even, I believe in the work of creation. But it says, I believe in God the Creator. And everything that is said about creation depends absolutely on this Subject.

Karl Barth quoted in Hauerwas,’ With the Grain of The Universe, 183