Joining The QUIP Youth Book Project

I recently applied to and was accepted to be a part of the editorial board for the upcoming Quaker Youth Book Project, a group that operates as a part of Quakers United in Publication (and here). The project will:

feature short non-fiction prose, poetry and visual art by international young Quakers ages 15-30 from all branches of the Religious Society of Friends, including programmed, unprogrammed, conservative and evangelical traditions, from meetings and churches affiliated with Friends United Meeting (FUM), Friends General Conference (FGC), Evangelical Friends International (EFI), Conservative yearly meetings and independent yearly meetings.

The writing and art included will focus on the personal spiritual experiences, beliefs, and identities of contemporary young Friends. QUIP envisions a book that will spark discussion and dialogue, speak to and lift up the growing youth movement in Quakerism, and act as a catalyst for transformation within the Religious Society of Friends.

I’m really excited about the opportunity not only to get more involved with the Friends, but also to have the chance to work on a project of this nature. I’ll love learning more about publishing and this specific project is certainly in line with my interests as a ‘convergent friend.’ It will also be a great experience for my academic work as well in that I’ll have an opportunity to learn more about all the various Quaker demographics and practices. My first meeting is in North Carolina at the end of the month, I look forward to meeting all the people I’ll be working with.

If you’re a ‘young Friend’ from ages 15-30 be thinking about what you can submit to the book project. I’ll post more on this later when I have more details.