Jesus Would Even Love Osama!? I Don’t Think SO Says Prime Minister

My Australian ‘mate’ Jarrod McKenna’s sent me a provocative short piece on how Jesus would love even world criminals like Osama and how the Australian Prime Minister isn’t happy about it.

What is interesting is when John Howard (the Prime Minister) put forward his position to the press in terms of “many Australian Christians” would share his sentiments that ‘praying for our enemies’ should not be our top priority, may be right. I wonder if his comments are right particularly if “Australian Christian” is a list of identities in priority order (ie. “My identity is as an Australian and I happen to be a Christian”, rather than “My identity and how I understand how I’m to be in the world is as a Christian, and I happen to be Australian.”).

I agree with the article that our identity, and allegiance to the Kingdom of God always comes before our allegiance to national identity.  And though it’s not easy to imagine what it would mean for Jesus to love Osama, it’s not too difficult what it looks like to pray for him.

“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

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