Is Bob Dylan a Quaker?

I am reading “Restless Pilgrim” a book about the spiritual jounrney of Bob Dylan.  Its not a bad read at all, and its fun for me to just be reading something about Dylan.  Anyways there was a quote I wanted to post,

“I can see God in a daisy.  I can see God at nigyht in the wind and rain.  I can see cretion just about everywhere.  The highes form of song is prayer: King David’s, Solomon’s, the wailing of a coyote, the rumble of the earth.  It must be wonderful to be God (15).”

Another Quote:

“I don’t particularly think God wants me thinking about Him all the time…I remember seeing a Time magazine on an airplane a few years back and it had a big cover headline, ‘Is God Dead?” Would you think it was a responsible thing to do?  What does God think of that? If you were God, how would you like to see that written abou yourself?  You know I wthink the country’s gone downhill since that day.”

Both of these quotes I find to be very interesting a) because Dylan sounds like a Quaker and B) becuase he is right to contemplate questions about God and how God thinks of us.

I wonder what God thinks of us.  Epecially us Americans who often have the consumeristic styles of faith where we pick and choose what we like and don’t like – as we see in both the conservative and liberal parties.  The Evangelicals pick ad choose how much they want to really follow Christ – so as to be okay with “loving our neighbors, so long as they don’t mess with the red white and blue.” And the Liberals pick and choose all kinds of beliefs, so much so that any real content of a story is lost.  I wonder what God thinks of us trying to figure out how to follow and be obedient when the cards are seeminly stacked against all of us.

I wonder what God thinks of our dumb little molds of denominations, and theological preferences, our philosophizing, and all our human made religions. All I know this morning, is that there is a God who is for us and that was made known to us through the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ.  Luckily God is patient with us even though he assuredly is at times probably really irritated for all of us speaking as though we know…that we really do not.

I wonder what God thinks of me.