Invisible People

Mark Harvath from posted this story to the Huffington post the other day and a woman in my community shared it with me. I think it’s really hard to realize that stories like Sergei’s exist today, but they do and we come in contact with boys and girls, men and women regularly who may be in shoes just like his.


Mark Horvath: Imagine Spending Your First Night Homeless on Your 18th Birthday.

Check out Invisible People when you get a second. Horvath was himself homeless and writes about that experience, and those who get caught in the downward spiral to invisibility. It’s a good work he’s doing there to tell their stories. I know others are doing similar work to help make the invisible visible again through a variety of means. This is something we are hoping to do in our own community as well. How can we pay better attention and be better prepared to care for all those whose path’s we cross?