I dreamed a dream


I rarely have vivid dreams but last night I had a dream that a random group of people followed me as I walked home. They shouted “hey boy,” I could hear them with chains clinking and baseball bats smacking their hands. They wanted to kill me.

I escaped by hiding behind a house. As they approached the house, I knocked on the back door and a woman answered. I whispered “A group of people are following me. They want to kill me.” Surprisingly she took me in. She shut and locked the door. Then she shut her blinds and provided a safe space for me until they were finally no where to be found.

I learned that she was school teacher. I also discovered as I put my shoes on to leave that her husband had the same shoes as me.

Then she drove me home to my wife who was very worried about me. Alas, I had forgotten my cell phone!

*Flickr image found here.