Hack Your Moleskine GTD Style

Updated: You can now see my step-by-step process for turning a Moleskine into a Student-based GTD system.

I just found this amazing post on HylineSkies that shows you how to set up your moleskine to help in “Getting Things Done.”  I love using my Moleskine and have had one since we first moved to California (August 2003). A friend of mine bought me my first one while we were visiting the Crystal Cathedral.  Quite a memorable beginning with these things!


I am the kind of person that likes to write stuff down, so I really liked learning about how to use my notebook for even more things.  I use my Moleskine to journal, write songs, poetry, take notes, catalogue ideas for research, blogging and articles, draw pictures, brainstorms diagrams, even sketch website designs.  Very few of those ideas ever get used but I find that in jotting stuff down I am better able to process things.

I’ve found that carrying around a small little notebook is conducive for all this.  Another useful function of the notebook is it’s handy pocket in the back.  Currently in the pocket of my large-ruled Moleskine I’ve got a picture of George Fox’s tombstone (I kid you not), so next time you bump into me be sure to ask to see it.

I am going to consider using my Moleskine for more of a project planner (like this GTD thing), it migh make be very useful during all this reading and research.

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