“Ground Hog Day” on Ground Hog Day

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Yesterday I had this stunning revelation.  Like in the movie with Bill Murray, Ground Hog Day, I realized my days were repeating themselves.  All day on feb. 1 (Wed) I was convinced it was Tuesday, even to the point of telling my friend I could not go to a concert with him that night because, “I thought it was on Wednesday,” he being as confused as I said, “No, it’s tonight! (without ever tell me I was wrong)”  Well the concert really was on Wednesday, but it took me until the actual Ground Hog Day (Thursday) to realize I was a whole day behind, some how I had missed all of tuesday (or Wednesday).  I found out when I was putting together my timecard – the ancient ones where you have to write them out, and I started to get confused on the dates.  So I turned to my ol’ mac, one of the things I can rely on, and it said it was Thursday the 2nd, believing that even my mac was wrong, I asked my boss who began to laugh and asked me if I was having a “Ground Hog Day” like Bill Murray.  I was indeed.
Picture coutesy of Flickr’s jamuudsen

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