Goodbye Lexan Nalgenes

Emily and I have been tugging around Nalgene water bottles for the past 8 years (as long as we’ve known each other), and have been really happy with their usefulness. Yes, we must love to keep hydrated or something! Well, we recently learned about how harmful the Lexan-made Nalgene bottles are leeching bad chemicals into the water they carry and since it was my in-laws who (also tote their Nalgenes happily) turned us onto the new research they graciously sent us some money to replace the bottles (thanks mom and dad).

There were our old bottles, the big green one I’ve had for at least 6 years now.

bad nalgenes

All these, once bright and clear, water bottles are made with Lexan plastic which as it ages leaks unhealthy chemicals.

So we went to our local outdoors store and picked up a few new Nalgene water bottles that don’t use Lexan.

good nalgenes

There are four great reasons to get these “UVPE” bottles instead: they are way cheaper, they are number 2 plastic which means they can be recycled (the Lexan ones are number 7), they won’t look scratched up when they start to age, and they don’t leech bad stuff into your tasty drinks.