Glory to God Designs and Melissa Tyson

With all this talk last week about consumerism and what not to buy I thought it might be fitting to point out someone who is doing a great job and is worth pointing out.  I recently picked up a copy  “The Relevant Nation: 50 Activist, Artists And Innovators Who Are Changing Their World Through Faith??? which is a great book for thumbing through and finding stories about young radical Christians who are doing great stuff in the world to help bring about change for the Kingdom.

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In it I found Melissa Tyson, a native of Charlotte, NC and a metalsmith who makes beautiful jewelry.  She says of her work, “I am a metalsmith.  At the present I am using that skill to create jewelry, jewelry inspired by my passion for the Lord.  I design jewelry, handfabricate it with hammers, torches and a plethora of other tools.  I stamp Scriptures in letter by letter, quite like a human typewriter.  I love to incorporate text into the pieces, because words are transforming to the soul (Relevant Nation, 118).???

She feels called to this work and sees it as a way that she can use creativity to glorify God.

I found out about her just in time to order one of her pieces for Emily’s birthday, we got the jewelry right on time and it is really beautiful.  I even had an opportunity to talk to Melissa on the phone to confirm the order, she was super friendly and very helpful.

So if you’re interested in finding beautiful handmade jewlery I’d check her stuff out.

Glory To God Designs

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