Give The Song A Little Space – Jeff Tweedy

I’ve been reading, and loving, Jeff Tweedy’s book, “How to Write One Song.” Here’s one gem from it:

“Let me just say this: I believe we stop ourselves sometimes when we’re happy. We create conflict in our relationships sometimes because we’re feeling uncertain and needy. Feeling attached to something can be uncomfortable. Sometimes your stuck because you’re anxious about losing something you love. Maybe you were sailing along working on a song and you kind of fell in love with it. And then you felt vulnerable because “What if its not really good?” Or “What if I can’t realize the full potential of this song?” Isn’t that what someone in the world of psychology would call an “unhealthy attachment?” Maybe you pulled back when you started to fell something. Maybe you recognized yourself in the song and felt a connection that felt like love. And then you worried, “Will it love me back?” Just let a song be itself. Let it be what it wants to be – what it needs to be. A song will always love you back, but sometimes it just needs a little space.” – Jeff Tweedy, (How to Write One Song: 149).