Gathering in Light Goes ‘Subversive’

My buddy, Chris, over at Glued Ideas has created a glorious theme called “subtle” free for all wordpress users.  Built into Subtle is an easy way to switch styles, to show the potential of this feature (and because he likes me) he powered out a style all my own called “subversive” (but you can use it too).  Named after one of my favorite topics of discussion as you all well know.   In the next week or so we will be adding logos, customizing it some more and what not so bear with me.

The change of scenery may take some getting used for those of you who frequent my site – don’t worry change is good.

Just a quick tip though all my articles will run down the center here and my more “bloggy” entries will appear in the sidebar.

I will also be launching a couple other new features to gathering in light next week so stay tuned and prepare yourself…