Fox On Black Friday

I came across this in my reading the other day and it made me think of some of the stuff I’ve seen from Rev. Billy Talen, especially in the documentary on Christmas, and then I wondered what Fox would be doing on Black Friday:

I was moved to open my mouth and lift up my voice aloud
in the mighty power of the Lord, and to tell them the mighty
day of the Lord was coming upon all deceitful merchandise
and ways, and to call them all to repentance and a turning
to the Lord God, and his spirit within them, for it to teach
them, and tremble before the mighty God of Heaven and earth,
for his mighty day was coming; and so passed through the
streets. And many people took my part and several were
convinced. And when I came to the town’s end, I got upon a
stump and spoke to the people, and so the people began to
fight, some for me and some against me….

Seems a fitting message for next week.