First Glance at Radiohead’s In Rainbow


I was in the middle of reading some websites when I got the email notification at 10:50pm tonight that Radiohead‘s new album “In Rainbows” was ready for download.  I almost jumped out of my skin trying to switch over to mail and hit the special “UNIQUE DOWNLOAD ACTIVATION CODE” link embedded in the mass email. It instantly starting downloading the new album to my desktop as promised. The file is 48.4 mb ten tracks and all are DRM free MP3’s.

It is rare that I get this excited about something, and this is the second time this week for me!I am now on track 3 “15 step” and while it will be awhile before I can give any kind of calmed down reflection of the album, this album is no joke [see edited note below, I listened in the wrong order].  It’s a change of pace from Hail to the Thief, a little less electronic, has some beautiful orchestration, piano and acoustic guitars, yet it contains the same old driving OK Computer-esque rock I love in a Radiohead song (and was almost absent in Amnesiac).  So far the first song “Faust Arp” and “Jigsaw Falling in Place” are the ones I like the most. The production sounds incredible, just as good or better than most stuff we hear from coming out of major record labels.  It seems like this move on Radiohead’s part (not having a label or distribution) may give rise to some serious questioning from a music industry point of view, especially if they can put something like this out on such a large scale successfully.I think It was well worth the £6 I paid for the pre-order last week for it (thanks to Cate’s early headsup). Check it out here.

The Track Listing

itunes radiohead rainbow track listing

1) 15 Steps
2) Bodysnatchers
3) Nude
4) Weird Fishes/Arpeggi *
5) All I Need
6) Faust Arp *
7) Reckoner *
8) House of Cards
9) Jigsaw Falling Into Place *
10) Videotape

* my favorites right now.

EDIT: Thank you JD who emailed me when he realized that I had the album sorted wrong and was listening by length of track, not my the actual order of the album.  The album should start with 15steps and end with videotape.  I can’t believe I did that! I guess I will have to start over and listen again!