Finding God in the Chaos?

With the new baby having arrived, working on a final paper for my methods course this quarter, having been sick for a week, signing for the title of our new house, plus all the regular things we do this past couple weeks have been, to say the least, chaotic.

While working on my paper this afternoon I came across this quote in Kester Brewin’s book “Signs of Emergence” (an enjoyable book to read but not on target enough for my current project). It is something Meister Eckhart wrote:

Spirituality is not to be learned in flight from the world, by feeling from things to a place of solitude; rather we must learn to maintain an inner solitude regardless of where we are or who we are with. We must learn to penetrate things, and find God there.

I’m looking for God in my schooling right now, because frankly it’d much rather give up. Not only do I have little energy or time for it, but I feel like I’m at a dead end and headed nowhere. This week my prayer is to penetrate and find where God is, among other things, even in my coursework!