Endorsements for my Upcoming Book

14967213197_aee60c7b2f_oHere are some endorsements from fine folks in the academic and Quaker world who have had an opportunity to read my book, A Convergent Model of Renewal: Remixing the Quaker Tradition in a Participatory Culture (2015). This is what they are saying about it:

Dr. Ryan K. Bolger, PHD. Associate Professor of Church in Contemporary Culture School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

No model of church renewal has taken the most recent changes in Western culture seriously — until now. C. Wess Daniels, in A Convergent Model of Renewal, offers a fresh and creative approach to church transformation that respects both tradition and contemporary culture while charting a clear path forward. Through this highly original proposal, Daniels articulates a brilliant synthesis of old and new by way of remix, resistance, and deep, open participation. Applicable beyond the Quaker tradition, A Convergent Model of Renewal would benefit any faith community that looks to remain rooted in their tradition while dynamically responding to the global media culture of the Twenty-first century. Highly recommended.

Dr. MaryKate Morse, author and speaker

One of Quakers’ great contributions to the Christian faith is their historical willingness to challenge tradition when justice is in question. By explaining Quaker reliance on the Holy Spirit and group discernment processes, Daniels details a way forward for any church when culture wars disrupt our unity and tarnish our hopes.

Stephen W. Angell, Leatherock Professor of Quaker Studies, Earlham School of Religion

In this fine book, C. Wess Daniels locates hope for the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in an open and convergent future, in which the best of its evangelical, liberal, and conservative traditions are blended with new energy and revelation. Daniels offers an impressive number of theories and case studies from 350 years of history that will provide much inspiration for those who are wanting to strengthen their Friends’ meetings or churches, or to start new ones. Highly recommended reading for anyone seeking to revitalize their local church!

Robin Mohr, Executive Secretary, Friends World Committee for Consultation Section of the Americas

Both the intellectual insights and Wess Daniels’ own “rare gift of empathy” make A Convergent Model of Renewal an important work by a young academic. The reading of early Friends as examples of remix and participatory community, along with the parallels of Freedom Friends Church as real-life examples of the theory, is deeply resonant with my experience and profoundly inspiring to me as a fellow participant-fan-apprentice within the Quaker tradition. The invitation is here to continue to remix his work, resist the passive culture of consumerism in church and academia, and move towards an inclusive, authentic and thriving Quakerism in the 21st century.

Noah Baker Merrill, Secretary, New England Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quakers)

Every generation is given a prophetic task: To reach down into the roots of our faith tradition and rediscover what is most vital, and to reclaim and reinterpret that reality in the context of today’s needs. This has never been truer for the Church—and for the Quaker movement—than it is today. In this book, Wess Daniels makes a key contribution to that ongoing, organic work. Read it, share it, wrestle with it, remix it—plant our future in the compost of faithfulness and failures past. Become an apprentice to this living tradition. Because the world needs the renewed witness of a People called “Friends”— of a People who have truly come Alive.

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