Dress Down Fridays | Feb 23, 2007

Here’s what’s come across my desk and life in the last week.

  • Lately I’ve been toying around with two social websites: virb and twitter. Virb is a social networking site for individuals, groups, musicians and moviemakers. It will mostly like be the beginning of the end for myspace, as it’s 10 tens more slick than anything Myspace has to offer.
  • Twitter tells others what you’re doing. You can see on the front page of my blog that I’ve added a plugin to feed from twitter so you can keep your eye on me!
  • Geek Alert: Then I found this post, which is a great blog from what I can tell, that helps you bring in twitter, adium (chat client) and quicksilver. Nice work Phil.
  • Oh and speaking of myspace, Matt H. sent me a couple links to some really cheesy Christian versions of myspaceShout Life and MyPraize — Come on haven’t we had enough of the cheap imitations?! Just sign up for the real thing.
  • This past Wednesday JR and I led Ryan’s Church in Mission class it was great! As his TA’s we’ve been working really hard to grade everything and in the process haven’t had much interaction with the students, I really enjoyed being able to get to know them a little better. JR and I went to Malone together, and at one point lived across the hall from each other!
  • We discussed David Fitch’s book the Great Giveaway. A really good critique of modernity and Evangelicalism, from an Evangelical.
  • I recently got Relient K’s new album in the mail, Five Score and Seven Years ago, it’s really good stuff and I can’t wait for it to come out. I plan to write something on it shortly. Check out some related links on the album.
  • I also read a really great review on the new Arcarde Fire album coming out very soon, the “Neon Bible” is going to rock.
  • And finally, this week begins Lent the season within the church where we do some physical and spiritual house-cleaning in order to prepare ourselves for holy week. I found some great resources over at the Mars Hill Bible Church, Rob Bell’s group, that is going to be helpful for scripture reflections and meditations throughout this Lenten season. By the way, I love what this guy is doing and have enjoyed listening to Rob’s sermons as of late.