Dress Down Friday

Today we’re getting ready to move into our new apartment in Pasadena. We’ll be an easy bike ride from School, church, and Peets.  The move is apart of what we’re starting to call the “daniels moving tradition” because we move every August, whether we want to or not. August is the month we promised to never move in when we first drove to LA 4 years ago, it was so hot and miserable we vowed to never repeat what we had just done.  Yet we keep doing it every year.  It’s almost like some sick curse or something.  But with rent ever on the rise, and changing life needs, we remain transient, like most Angelinos in a very transient city.  If you’re reading this and want to help us move tomorrow (Saturday morning at 9am) we’ll love you forever.  Or at least for a pretty long time.

That said there’s not much to say about Dress Down Friday this week.

Been posting pictures of our trip to the UK and France daily on my flickr site, be sure to keep checking there if you’re interested.

Smplr is back and it’s got a really rad new OSX dashboard widget.

Wes Anderson’s Darjeeling Limited movie preview is now out and there is a really cool poster to go along with it.

Check out the new Fast Boy fenders for your road bike, I’d sure like to put one of those on my bike.

And now I am off to the Uhaul site to make some reservations.

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