Dress-Down Friday | The Llama Report

This is a special edition of Dress-Down Friday.

When I was youth pastor of Barberton Friends Youth Group (BFYG) we did lots of silly things. One thing we did was to make a Llama our mascot whose (fictional) name was Bach Bahama Llama. We had youth group baseball shirts printed up with a picture of a Llama and our motto “Llamas are people too!” We figured this was our way of saying everybody is welcome at BFYG. All the silliness was mostly an inside joke, “you had to be there” kind of thing, until we went to Friends Summer Camp in Columbus Ohio the summer of 2003. We took our video camera and microphone and decided to make a documentary discussing some of the finer points of Llama-activism. Below is the result. I dug this video up the other day while I was cleaning out a bunch of my old CD’s and DVD’s. When we made this film there was no YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook to share this stuff on, so now it’s live. I hope you find these 17 min. enjoyable and a little bit of a waste of time (since it’s Friday after all).