Dress Down Friday | Save Time In Ultimate Reality


  1. AJ asks what do you call your church? It’s a good question.
  2. The iPhone popularity is spreading.
  3. If you haven’t seen the Moleskine Project website, you really should check it out.  There is some great Moleskine artwork there.
  4. Finally, Ultimate Reality is here.
  5. Here are some great tips for saving time in School.
  6. Here’s a really great organization (created by a Fuller Student) that’s looking to stop human trafficking.
  7. I enjoyed reading these two articles (One and Two) engaging with Caputo’s newest book, What Would Jesus Deconstruct?
  8. Steve Jobs got it wrong this time.
  9. Check out the latest update of the Quaker blogging community’s website, QuakerQuaker.org.
  10. Good news folks, Obama gets that crucial “Bicycle Swing Vote,” and while you’re at it check out the .pdf of his “Blueprint for Change.”