Dress-Down Friday: Post-Election Edition

Well the election is finally behind us. So in honor of this wealth of free time we all now have here are some links that you may (or may not) find to your liking.

Jim Wallis challenged James Dobson’s 2012 Fear Letter

Christians should be committed to the kingdom of God, not the kingdom of America, and the church is to live an alternative existence of love and justice, offering a prophetic witness to politics. Elections are full of imperfect choices where we all seek to what is best for the “common good” by applying the values of our faith as best we can.

Rhett Exposes the Ugliness of Facebook after the Election

…if you were paying attention to either Twitter or Facebook on Election night, well, then you got a taste of what America thought about Obama being elected. Let’s just say that mixed in with all the amazing comments, was some downright ugly and nasty statements. That’s to be expected. But what has many talking is that a lot of the comments that were appalling were coming from not only young conservatives, buy Christians as well.

The Guardian points out a collection of intimate Obama family pictures moments before the big news (HT: Simon).

Here are two thoughtful posts from friends who decided not to vote (and why), another equally thoughtful post by a Catholic Anarchist blogger who decided to vote this time around and finally a post on “Would Jesus Vote?”.

Here’s an interesting poll done with on the top issue important to those visiting the God’s Politics Blog: God’s Politics Vote in Sojourners’ Election Issues Poll

Here’s a T-Shirt for all you celebrating Tuesday’s outcome (HT: James).

Cool Free ObamaBats.

Here’s something funny: PhD Comic asks PhD students whether they should be worried about the economic crisis.

And here’s something uplifting from 52 to 48 with love (here’s the post that accompanies it).