Dress Down Friday – Notes from Feb. 9

Here are some random thoughts that have been crammed in my head over the past week:

  • I decided to switch the ol’ theme around for awhile, it’s still using the same core called “subtle” but now with a little different style. Unfortunately, I am having some problems with my comments again, and haven’t figured out what’s wrong just yet.
  • I’ve been using my delicious a lot and am keeping track of a number of sites I hoped to write about but it seems like I am not going to have the time in the near future. If you would like to check out some of these sites I found interesting check out my blog-box.
  • I finally began writing my seminar paper on Alasdair MacIntyre. The rather dull working title is “Convergent Friends: Appropriating Alsadair MacIntyre’s Account of a Tradition, Virtues and Practices in Light of Our Heritage.”
  • I realized the other day I haven’t written a paper in over a year and a half and I started to panic a bit. This isn’t as easy as I remember it, and I think it has something to do with the fact that I always tend to try and do too much with my writing. Not only this but it’s for one of my favorite professors, so the pressure is on!
  • Upon my Housemate’s recommendation, I’ve decided to use Scrivener to write the paper, and it’s really awesome. What I like most about it is the integrated dual-panes where you can have an outline on the left side and your project on the right. It’s also really easy to edit sections and move things around. I am currently using the free beta version (Scrivner Gold) and find it sufficient.
  • I found out about stu.dicio.us and definately see the usefulness in a website like this. Basically it’s for taking and sharing notes for students, but with many other cool features. I may say more about this later.
  • There’s a fun short Rocket Boom video today. I think it would be fun to do a short like this sometime. I liked the name of their post, “casual fridays,” so much I thought I’d use something similar, “dress down” comes from my days at Catholic school.