Dress Down Friday | Notes From Feb 16

This week has been INSANE. I guess that would make this a, “notes from one who is now insane,” post.

  • I spent all day Monday, Tuesday and Thursday writing a paper on the philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre. I have a little over 40 pages to show for it, and now am going to try and pawn it off to someone else to edit! I can’t believe how fast my rough draft came, and for some reason I feel like now comes all the hard work.
  • Because of all this writing, my right should, arm and hand started hurting really bad. To combat this I did three things. a) got a G3 keyboard from my awesome housemate; b) downloaded AntiRSI, a free program that forces you to take stretch breaks; c) bought one of those beanie wrist rest things that you put at the bottom of your keyboard. I just googled beanie wrist rest things and got this. Not exactly what I now have.
  • Learned that the Wild Hare, one of my favorite bars in Highland Park is closing for good tomorrow.
  • Downloaded this cool little app to block out distractions from the desktop, and yes it actually helps.
  • Found out about a New Testament guru, Bruce Metzger, Dying.
  • Got the ol’ wiki back up and running in preparation for our first official Menno-Nite Riders outing. Props to housemate Chase for getting the page all setup. Menno-Nite Riders are a bunch of bikers (re: bicycles) from our church. We are planning a 12 mile Los Angeles bike riding route to do on a coming Saturday, I can barely contain my excitement.
  • Emily and I Finished watching the 13 episodes of a now favorite TV show Wonderfalls. Our friend Cate turned us onto it, and we simply couldn’t get enough. It’s kind of a postmodern Joan of Arc tale. You really need to add it to your netflix queue. Frankly, it’s an awesome, fun, quirky and very thoughtful show that we will be watching again — very shortly, probably this weekend.
  • Heard about Danielle and Matthew Hoopes’ new baby! Congratulations! We’re sooooo excited about the new baby Hoopes.
  • Finally, celebrated another valentines day, with my incredible wife of 5.5 years! She bought me a Chimay, need I say more?