Dress-Down Friday | Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

London (harder, better, faster, stronger) from David Hubert on Vimeo.

This week has been fairly busy for me, I’m really glad it’s Friday and really excited to be celebrating my wife’s birthday this weekend. Just before 5 o’clock bell rings and it’s time to go home, have a little pre-weekend break.

How about doing liturgy to Dylan Music? The Liturgical Bob Dylan : Subversive Influence

The event has been planned for a while, and I’ve been looking forward to it since Mike mentioned the idea to me back in September. The liturgy itself was the normal one we use for ordinary time, but the music was all Dylan except for the usual gathering and “Holy Lord” prior to communion.

The NY Times article “Generation O” is a good look into  how the presidential election delievered on the promise of a new generation of Voters

“This generation has been knocked for putting all of their personal stuff on full display,” said Mik Moore, 34, a founder of the Great Schlep, which used a Sarah Silverman online video to help young Jews win their grandparents’ support for Senator Obama. “But there is an upside, too, which is a willingness to communicate with large numbers of people in your network about what’s important to you.” Ideology doesn’t matter. Young evangelicals can be just as creative in their use of the Web as liberal bloggers. The point is that communication technology is the tool that makes all things possible, from hook-ups and pop songs to protests or the president of their choice, said Neil Howe, a sociologist who studies young adults.

Change Has Come: Obacalypse Now? by Fuller Professor Craig Detweiler

Did you weep?   As Barack Obama was announced as President-elect, I cried for a while.   Whether you shed tears of joy or disappointment, we all witnessed a historic victory.   I never dreamed that our country would elect a black president in my lifetime.   Our nation seemed too haunted by our past.  In 1964, as the Civil Rights movement began, Sam Cooke sang, “A Change is Gonna Come.”  Yet, after a remarkable voter turnout, an unprecedented, multicultural moment has arrived.   The election of Barack Obama as president proves that “Change has come.”   So how shall we respond?

Finally, have you seen the Hawaiian Pidgin Bible? We used to have a copy, but unfortunately I gave it away due the need to downsize my library. Here are few of my favorite excerpts:

But da angel guy say, “No scared. I come fo tell you guys Good Stuff From God dat goin make you guys an all da peopo stay good inside. Dis day inside King David’s town, one boy wen born dat goin take you guys outa da bad kine stuff you stay doing. He da Christ Guy, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send. He da Boss.” (Luke Tell Bout Jesus 2:10-11)

Tink hard bout wat I telling you. Cuz da Boss, he goin make shua you undastan everyting I say. So tink plenny bout Jesus, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send. He da One dat wen come from King David ohana. God wen make him come back alive, afta he wen mahke. An dass da Good Kine Stuff From God dat I stay telling everybody. (Letta Numba 2 Fo Timoty 2:7-8)

Da peopo wen bring dea small kids by Jesus, cuz dey like fo him put his hands on top dea heads an pray fo dem. Wen Jesus guys see dat, dey wen scold da peopo cuz dey wen do dat. But Jesus tell da kids fo come, an he say, “Let da small kids come by me, an no stop dem, cuz da peopo dat get God fo dea King, inside demself dey jalike dese kids. Dass right! An I like tell you guys dis too: Whoeva no take God fo be his King jalike one small kid, he no can get God fo his King.” (Luke 18:15-17)

Cuz we Jesus guys: “Wen dat time come, you guys no goin aks me notting. Dass right! I tell you guys, wateva you guys aks my Fadda, he goin give um to you guys, cuz you my guys. Befo now, you guys neva aks fo notting cuz you my guys. Aks now, an you guys goin get um, so you guys can stay real good inside.” (John 16:23-24)