Dress Down Friday | Guest Blogger Josh

Big thanks for Wess letting me co-host Dress Down Friday. I’m not sure if my web musings will be of much interest to some, but here they are nonetheless.

Jonathan Brink writes about the podcast swallowing the pastor. Good stuff. And I know of a good podcast to check out too. Hint, hint.

Only theological nerds (like me) would be interested in a contest to come up with new atonement metaphors.

Social Media for the Christian College.

Amateur YouTube videos make the world better.

Cool business card designs. I’ll be ripping these off shortly.

James Dobson doesn’t know when to shut up. So I say “WHEN!”

Frank Viola is controversial as always. Go figure.

Anyway . . . thanks to Wess. Live long and prosper. And check out my site. Thanks.

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