Dress Down Friday | Guest Blogger Ben

I love guest blogging.  There’s a strange thrill in writing something that will appear on a site other than my own.  Thank you for giving me this honor, Wess.

I’ve never written a “Dress Down Friday” so what I’ve got here is a collection of links that (hopefully) will help you through your last day in the work week because that’s the kind of stuff I like to read when I’m about to hit a weekend. Here we go.

TSA has recently set up a blog.  It makes for interesting reading, but even more entertaining is the comments on the posts.  But hey, what can you expect from a theater of the absurd?

Was that “Theater of the Absurd” thing too serious for a Friday?  Then here’s a video you need to watch.  You’ll never be able to listen to pop music the same way again:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdxkVQy7QLM&rel=1&w=500&h=430]

Good news on the breakfast food front though, seems that Bacon, Eggs and Toast has as many Omega-3s as a piece of salmon. Yay!  Bring out the green eggs and ham.  OK, OK, there’s no such thing as green ham (not edible anyway) but now we know that there are indeed green eggs.  Hmmmm.  Seems they come in blue too.  Yummy.

‘Salmon’, by the way, is pronounced (Sa-mon) and not (Sal-mon) as my redneck brethren insist on saying it.

Are you an animal lover?  Cool, I dig that.  You’ll be happy to know that the dramatic chipmunk now has a friend: the dramatic Lemur.

PSA: sometimes it is a tumor, regardless of what Arnold says.

If you’re a blogger, you just may be healthier than your non-blogging friends.  Well, that’s what a recent study suggests anyway.

Having solved all other medical problems, science tackles the most important issue of all: why we scratch.  Hmmm.  Is it me or does there seem to be more pressing issues facing our world?

In other news, people are still shocked at rising gas prices even though it has been rising for decades. I once heard it said that there are three timeless truths: Prices will rise, politicians will philander, and you too will grow old.

As long as you’re alive though, please don’t stoop to the level of creating a canned cheeseburger.  Ick!

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