Dress Down Friday | December 19, 2007


For this Dress Down Friday I did a little research to see what happened on the day baby L. was born. I found a number of lists for “This Day in History.” Here’s a few things:

  • 1835 — The first issue of The Blade newspaper is published in Toledo, Ohio (Where her grandparents now live).
  • 1843 — Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is published in England.
  • 1963 — Zanzibar receives its independence from the United Kingdom, to become a constitutional monarchy under Sultan Jamshid bin Abdullah of Zanzibar.
  • 1972 — The last manned lunar flight, Apollo 17, crewed by Eugene Cernan, Ron Evans and Harrison Schmitt, returns to Earth.
  • 1998 – Lewinsky scandal: The United States House of Representatives forwards articles I and III of impeachment against President Bill Clinton to the Senate.
  • 2001 — The fire at the World Trade Center, as a result of the September 11, 2001 attacks, is finally extinguished after three months.
  • 2003 – Nepal financial crisis leads hundreds to protest outside of presidential palace.
  • 2007 — Baby Daniels is born!

News headlines from this past Wednesday

It was an eventful day!