Dress Down Friday | Atlas Songs (Wide Array) – New Music from Kevan Pedan

A good friend of ours from Canton, Kevan Pedan, recently mailed me his band’s new album.  It’s Atlas Songs’ first full-length and it’s called (Wide Array).  I am always excited to see what Kevan does with his music because he’s the kind of artist that is continually reinventing his style and always reaching new heights of creativity in the way he goes about making his music.  I talked to him about posting some of the music here so I could share it will all of you and he was glad for me to make the music available.

I am offering four songs I really like that make up the last part of the album.  They all bleed into one another and create an atmospheric sound that is pleasing to the ears.  If the streaming music (at the bottom) wets your appetite for his new music, you hear you can visit the Atlas Songs myspace and order a handmade copy of the album. Not only is the album art handmade but these are home recordings Kevan has done himself and he plays and does every part on the album, knowing that makes the album even more of a treat.

Here are some pictures from of the album:

Kevan says on his myspace,
“If you want a handmade copy of WIDE ARRAY and/or HOLDING, just let me know and you’ll get one. ———- I do most things, so far. Wick co-clicked on TRY and has been way helpful in other ways and Matt Beach played the fuzzy keys on Morning and he is an awesome person. Hopefully, they and others (YOU, perhaps) will have future contributions. Let me know.”

And before I present the music player (hosted by box.net) I wanted to give the lyrics to one of my favorite songs on the album.

Really Happens:

We came a long way, sent boats on the breeze
and we’ve seen leaves in the sea
out in the middle where waves are free
to lay low and spring like a tree.

So, let’s line the sky with footage
from moments we are yet to meet.
Let’s leave the day unfinished
and know that it’s not incomplete.
There are things that really happen
that you may never know.
That doesn’t mean that you don’t see
all there is to show.  Just let it roll…

As you can see I really love this stuff!  Here’s the music, just click on one of the speaker icons to have the player start:


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