Dress-Down Friday | All Hallows Eve

As all of you know today is Dress Down Friday, not to mention Halloween. So here’s a little trick and a treat.

Twitter Vote is a cool service that will be tracking reactions, responses, problems as well as exciting news from here till after November 4th:

Millions of Americans will be voting this Election Day. Many of these voters will have terrific experiences and we’d love to hear about those.  But many voters will experience voting problems that we have been hearing about for years: long lines, broken machines, and registered voters who can’t vote because their names aren’t showing up on the registration rolls.

If you haven’t checked out Transparent Democracy yet it’s kind of cool. It’s social media meets the voting booth, a site meant to help the voter find resources and get advice on all the measures we’ll be voting on.

Check out this Dosh video.

Rhett has a great post titled: You Might Be A Social Media Addict If……Setting Boundaries On Social Media and he gives some great tips on how to scale back.

So is there a line or plane that indicates the limit or extent to which you will engage, or allow social media to take over your life? What is it? How do you even know if social media is taking over your life?

Stephen Colbert has had a little thing as of late for Canton Ohio, and who could blame him? It’s a pretty sweet place. But the other day he finally turned on “the good” Canton, but the local paper was watching and has responded in kind.

Jim Wallis recent post on his faith priorities for this election is something all American Christians should at least consider.

And for those of you still wondering what ‘politics’ really is Dave comes to the rescue.

As a Wes Anderson fan I really enjoyed this Anderson-like McCain Ad spoof (starts at 2:23).


Finally, check out this awesome list of religious texts all online for free.

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