Do A Little Design? Help Princeton Out (Unofficially)


Adam Cleaveland’s decided to do a little contest for all you designers.  He’s giving out prizes to the top three people who can come up with the coolest new logo for Princeton Seminary. It’s not that Princeton has asked anyone to do this, but it does sound like fun.

Cleaveland says,
“Your challenge is to redesign the Princeton Theological Seminary logo. I’m sure they won’t actually use your redesign, although I’m sure that someone from the seminary will find this post and who knows – maybe you’ll be famous. But I hope that you’ll consider entering the challenge. Go look around the seminary website, try to get a feel for the mission of the school, and pretend like you were hired by the seminary to create the new logo.”

If you’re interested in giving it a shot, or seeing what cool prizes he’s offering head over to his site now.

Great idea Adam, now I’d like to know when do we do this for Fuller?

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