David Bazan Interviewed By Relevant Magazine

Relevant Magazine has two great interviews with one of my favorite musical artists David Bazan, the former front man for Pedro the Lion.    I found this quote from the interview where he talks about one of his new songs “Cold Beer and Cigarettes” to be very telling of some of the changes in Bazan’s direction as an artist,

The themes in it [are] the ever-present themes of adultery, as well as a pretty heavy drinking theme in the song (which probably comes from the fact that I drink pretty heavily), but the most interesting part of it to me, the thing I was most excited about when I wrote it was the bridge toward the end of the song where there’s a car fire in the parking lot and all that stuff and the comment “what a cruel God we’ve got.” I didn’t know exactly what I was saying at the time, and I still don’t totally know, but there’s just a lot of tension in it to me. And it’s really interesting.

If you haven’t checked out his latest EP you really need to.  It’s called: Fewer Moving Parts You can visit Myspace for a little taste. Links to the David Bazan interviews: First Interview Second Interview

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