I worked on my IDL today, Fuller’s “Individualized Distance Learning” basically school on tapes.  I am going to try to get through the whole course by the time the fall quarter starts.
Here are the classes I am going to take this fall:

1. Contemporary Cultural and Missiological Perspectives.
2. Pentateuch
3. Urban Youth Ministry

I just learned that school starts on September 27 so now I realized that I have a week less to finish my IDL than I planned for earlier today.  Shoot.

I also worked on my Script, “Who is Alan Warrington.”  I think it is going well, i am just happy to have some time to work on it.  it is interesting starting such a process, not really knowing the proper techniques and not being very seasoned in film, i realize that I am going to have to change a whole lot of it.  But the biggest part is just getting the first draft done.

Oh and we are finally official, we got our License plate today.