Daily Scribe Jamboree October 6, 2006

Here we find ourselves finally in October, my favorite month of the year (mainly for selfish reasons). Some good things about October are the fall (which typically means leaves turning beautiful vibrant colors), cleveland browns football, oktoberfests, halloween, (my birthday), and the return of cooler weather. However, in LA there are a couple of things missing from that list, but we do at least get cooler weather which is enough of a change to make a difference for me.

Along with change in the weather, there has been a change at The Daily Scribe. We’ve outgrown WordPress and moved onto using Drupal, a software that allows for much more community interaction (see this also). Jump on over there are check it out, and if you’re the type, create an account while you’re at it. Here are intersting posts from some of the scribes for the past week.

  • Tim from Pop Occulture writes about the intolerant Seattle Church called Mars Hill, who has recently said that God hates feminists, and Tim goes on to discuss a statement from a comment made about the church, “a religion that doesn’t preach tolerance for all is evil and immoral themselves…”
  • With the killings in Pennsylvania’s Amish country, a number of Scribe bloggers have responded by commenting on the situation, here are a few of them by topic:
  • Finally – to lighten things up a bit (at Adam’s expense) I found myself smiling over this post, but laughing over his comments. And he gives a good defense of the Hookah afterwards in hopes of getting rid of some of the fire (I am not sure it helped).