Cutting the Pentagon’s Budget @fcnl


Friends Committee on National Legislation started a campaign to cut the pentagon’s budgetin 2011 it was a staggering $664.84 billion, which is 60% of the overall federal budget – so that we do not have to make drastic cuts on important services like education, healthcare, nutrition assistance and housing that keep our communities thriving. Since 2011 the price-tag for defense has sky-rocketed from 287 billion to where we are today, no wonder our country is broke (Link). As a Christian and Quaker preacher, I want to see us invest in eliminating poverty in our country.

FCNL has asked individuals to post their image with their name and an area that they feel our government could do better at putting our money into rather than in Defense. This is mine.

My friends Ashley Wilcox and Jon Watts were the ones who tipped me off to this.

Make yours here.