Community Supported Agriculture in Southwest Washington

As we try to find ways to eat more locally grown, organic produce, it’s always nice to know what are our available (and reasonable) options. Community supported agriculture is one of the ways we can support local farmers through purchasing a “share” from the farmer for the growing season.

Last year, through the Camas Farmer’s Market (yeah!) Emily and I made friends with Liz Nelson, the organic farmer behind “Heavenly Bounty” CSA (along with her mother) in the battleground area. We got lovely free range eggs and a bag of wonderful veggies every week through the fall (and then apples, and pumpkins, etc). Her prices for a share are reasonable, and she’s super nice, so I thought I would show our support by sending her info out in case anyone near us is interested in getting a share from her garden as well. When I first heard about CSA’s it sounded like a great idea but I had no idea how to find one or get connected to them, so here’s a little help.

Anyways, she delivers the produce weekly to the farmer’s market in Camas, and her prices are set up for about 22 weeks ($550 for a full share and $300 for a half). These are also great to share between families.

I am attaching a link to her brochure which gives all the info you need here ( and here is a link to her website.

If you are not local to us in Southwest Washington, you can use the website Local Harvest to find a CSA near you.