Christmas Album Raises Money For Children

peace-on-earth Christmas music cd

Peace on Earth Vol. II is a collection of Christmas music put together for the express purpose of raising money for The Children of Uganda Fund. There is a whole laundry list of issues facing Ugandan children, especially those in the north, among the most prominent issues are Malaria and AIDS; AIDS is the cause of more than one million orphans in Uganda. This fund helps do a number of things such as help to prevent mother-to-child transmission of AIDS, supply clean water to those who need, and provide education to disadvantaged children (you can find out more here).

Not only does 100% of the album’s proceeds go towards helping raise money for the Children of Uganda Fund, but our good friends in the bands No Little Kindness and Bodies of Water are on the CD. Both groups attend the Mennonite church in Pasadena where we worship, and I think you’ll enjoy their music if you haven’t heard it yet. No Little Kindness was recently featured in The Mennonite Weekly Review and Bodies of Water have been covered repeatedly on the wildly popular “Said the Gramophone.”

You can download the album from the great music weblog It’s Hard to Find a Friend, as I have done. It’s only $7.50, has some great Christmas tunes on it, and you’re supporting a good cause.

And in the meantime, listen to two tunes by NLK and BOW.

No Little Kindness at Mr. T’s Bowl in Highland Park (Spring 2008)

Bodies of Water at Spaceland in Silverlake (Summer 2008)
Bodies of Water at Spaceland August 1, 2008 from wess on Vimeo.

I’ve written about NLK before here and BOW here.